Painting Ceramic Beads

My name is Andreia Martins Wegmann. I am from Brazil living in California for 21 years. I graduated in 1993 in Translation and Interpretation. For 15 years I worked in International Transportation and Logistics. But after I studied Graphic Design I could finally turn my old passion for Arts and Designing into reality.

Hope you enjoy my handmade pieces the same way I enjoyed creating them!

All pieces are one-of-a-kind.  I utilize a blend of natural elements including shells, bones, feathers and semi-precious stones and rocks. I also use recycled beads, mostly coming from broken jewelry. Then creating a whole new piece.

All handmade,


F A T T O   A  M A N O​


"I have always enjoyed having handmade accessories. Especially those with a hand-made finishing look. For me, they are unique and personal. Just like a small piece art. Simply unique."         ​

"Accessories. It can be a necklace, a scarf, or a nice pair of earrings...  all a must to give you that fabulous look!"


"The art creator is the alchemist of art, he creates through the experiences, the feelings, the passions. He transforms, he feels. But most of all, he lives intensely. He enjoys what he does. And  sharing his passion, his art, its priceless!"

I hope you enjoy my pieces the same way I enjoyed making them!

All jewelry & images by Andreia Martins Wegmann